5 Life Hacks for Staying Safe and Saving Big This Summer

Ah, it’s summertime in Texas. Take that vacation. Take the kids to the pool. And, yes, take refuge from the stifling heat in a home with efficient A/C action. But while you cool down and rest up for more summer fun, ensure that your haven from humidity is also safe and secure.

Fortunately, Texans need not look far to find a solution that can package all these needs in one—Reliant Energy. In addition to stellar heating and cooling products and services, Reliant offers high-tech home security systems. “Smart” features and the latest tech can help you keep tabs on your humble abode from the backyard pool, the beach, or anywhere in between. Read on to find out how to stay secure and save money—not just this summer, but all year long.

Recoup Unexpected Moving Costs

If you’re settling into a new house this summer, you’ll spend money way beyond paying the movers. There’s take-out food until you set up your kitchen and cash doled out for a brand-new cache of household cleaners, light bulbs, and more—all the stuff that turns your house “on” and keeps it functioning day to day.

As you consider the start-up costs for your new digs, here’s an easy way to recoup some of that money: Get one month of free home security when you sign up for a new system from Reliant. What’s more, you also can get the first month of your new electricity plan free with Reliant. Those combined  security and power bill savings should significantly help cover that hardware store and takeout food tab as you get settled. Learn more at reliant.com/security.


Make Bill-Paying Easy as a Summer Breezeand Save

You may be the king or queen of packing a cooler for the day at the beach. But how efficient are you at paying your bills and streamlining that process?

Save time—and money—when you bundle your energy and home security costs by using Reliant for both. In fact, Reliant electricity customers who choose a security service from Reliant can save up to $200 a year on their electricity and security bills.1

Keep the “Lazy” in “Lazy, Summer Days”

With home security by Reliant, you’ll enjoy a little extra convenience with the latest technology and stay relaxed knowing your home is secure. Wireless door locks provide keyless entry (forget fumbling for keys when you’re also juggling pool floats or gardening gear). A Wi-Fi Doorbell Camera means you can stay put on the sofa during summer movie night; just check who’s ringing your doorbell with a glance at your smartphone app. It’s easy to monitor your home wherever you go with the Reliant Connect app, even on a that summer road trip. And home automation features mean you can turn on the A/C and the lights as your near your neighborhood, for instant comfort upon your return.

Choose Your Level of Home Protection

You choose the level of SPF you use at the pool or beach—from 15 to 50+. You also can choose the level of home security you want with three, comprehensive options from Reliant—Essential, Advanced, and Premium plans.

The Essential comes with 24/7 monitoring; access to the Reliant Connect App; installation; and security devices that include three window or door sensors, a motion sensor, and the control panel—all the basics. The Advanced package offers those elements, plus home automation solutions, such as a Reliant thermostat or smart plugs. The Premium program builds on the Advanced offerings, adding the Wi-Fi Doorbell and indoor and outdoor cameras (you can even add night vision for extra protection).

Whichever you choose, you’ll have a sturdy shield that will defend the home front and plenty of options.


Avoid Summertime Surprises on Your Power Bill

Does your electricity bill soar with the summer temperatures? Consider a fixed-rate plan, such as the Reliant Learn & Conserve 24sm plan. Offering you a $249 Nest Learning Thermostat™ at no cost to you, the plan bills you a fixed amount for 24 months.

You also can learn how to conserve energy and lower heating and cooling costs year-round with a Home Energy Checkup from Reliant. It’s easy to request a free energy snapshot and get customized solutions.


1 You must be a Reliant electricity customer with a Texas service address.


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