You Are What You Commit To

Train Without Limits, Only at Equinox

What defines who you are? Is it where you came from or your beliefs, your career or your goals? The simple truth is that we are all defined by our commitments– the pursuits we devote ourselves to, day in and day out.

Beginning its second year, Equinox’s thought-provoking Commit to Something campaign, shot by fashion photographer Steven Klein, makes a statement that is at the core of the fitness club’s values: what you commit to is who you are.

What are you committed to?

Provocative in its exploration of personal identity, the imagery of the Commit to Something campaign reveals how your commitments define you. From being committed to overcoming your fears, to taking control of your body, or to being fully present in the moment, the things you dedicate yourself to make you who you are.

Maybe it’s time for you to commit to something more…

It’s never too late to make the commitment to revitalize and redefine yourself with Equinox’s complete lifestyle approach to health and wellness.

Beyond just enabling you to reach a one-time fitness goal, Equinox empowers its members to discover their full potential by committing to an energized, high-power lifestyle.

Are you ready to live your commitment and ignite your potential?

Find your true identity with Equinox. Let’s begin.

Coming off celebrating 25 years in the game and its fastest-growing year in 2016, Equinox is a high-performance fitness club chain that has become internationally recognized for its exceptional combination of luxury, fitness, and wellness.

Remaining firmly committed to maintaining the same ideals that have been key to the individual success stories of its members, 2017 will see a continued emphasis on substantive principles of movement, nutrition, and regeneration, a culmination of an elevated fitness journey of well-curated style and high-end amenities.

With the launch of Equinox’s latest advance in personal training, Tier X, there has never been a better time to begin your journey.

Tier X, available exclusively at Equinox, is personal training transformed. This advanced health coaching program reinvents personal training as “High Performance Lifestyle Management.An evolution of Equinox’s Tier 4 training program, Tier X pushes the boundaries of elite coaching by integrating fitness and movement, nutrition and regeneration for a personalized approach to each factor of your life.

You, To the Power of X

The “X” of “Tier X” is symbolic, evoking Equinox’s belief in each individual’s infinite potential and the possibility of limitless transformation. The “X” also conveys that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to fitness—or life.

Whether tackling goals large or small, Tier X empowers trainees with skills to transform their lives, and further deepens Equinox’s commitment to inspiring achievement and true high performance living.

With Tier X, there is no limit to what you can do. By focusing on changing behavior, Tier X allows you to begin functioning at a higher level. This high level of performance will resonate in all areas of your life, allowing you to reach your full potential.

Tier X

Tier X in Action

Meet Sam Gokhale. Sam moved to Dallas in 2013 to begin work at Parkland Hospital in conjunction with a clinical study at UT Southwestern. Since realizing how generally unhealthy he had become, Sam began pursuing his own workout routine. However, by August of 2014, he still had issues with strength and flexibility that he hadn’t been able to overcome along with pain in his hips and shoulders. Sam was ready for a change. Enter Equinox and Tier X.

“I have become a different human being.”

Over the course of the next year and most importantly relentless dedication to working together with his Tier X coach, Sam has made major progress and the payoff for him has been incredible. Besides providing effective workouts, Tier X training helped Sam to make changes outside the gym, including overhauling his nutrition and adjusting his work schedule to allow for more, better-quality sleep. Not only is Sam’s mind sharper, his cognition better, and his problem solving skills more accurate, but he also feels more confident, focused, and energetic.

Developed by master coaches and reinforced by scientific research, Tier X is able to go beyond the conventions of a typical training program because each plan is personalized for the trainee and balances the trainee’s movement, nutrition, and regeneration needs with specific lifestyle goals.

Equinox’s high-level coaches go through 180 hours of advanced education in fitness science and personal training. They are able to develop real strategies to accomplish your personal goals with custom fitness plans because no two bodies are the same. It is designed to unleash the potential in yourself that you didn’t know existed.

“The Tier X program is representative of a constantly evolving dialogue among Equinox’s most respected innovators from across disciplines,” says Alex Zimmerman, Director of Tier X.  “We’ve pulled the best practices from the fields of movement, nutrition and regeneration—all grounded in the latest scientific research— to bring members a results oriented, customized program that transcends the traditional definition of personal training.”

Whatever it is you do, Tier X will help you do it at the peak of your powers. You’ll move, fuel, and recharge like a champion,
every single day.

Tier X is now available at 16 locations nationwide, including Dallas clubs Equinox Highland Park and Equinox Preston Hollow and Chicago clubs Equinox The Loop and Equinox Gold Coast.


Are you feeling inspired and ready to begin your transformation with Equinox? Here are just a few more reasons why Equinox is an exceptional place to continue your fitness journey.

Experience Equinox: More Than Just A Gym

So what are you waiting for?
Make 2017 the year you start your Equinox journey.

Now is the right time to make new commitments and begin realizing your full potential. Go to to set up your first visit—after that, you’ll find there’s no limit to what you can do.

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