Texans Behind Bud Light

Most Texans don’t realize that Bud Light is brewed in Texas.

It’s been handcrafted in Texas since 1982 right down the street on Gellhorn Drive in Houston, Texas. It’s made by our fellow Texans, could be your neighbors or friends, who come to work every day at the Houston Anheuser-Busch Brewery. 600 total employees work at the brewery.

Bud Light brewers are obsessed with quality, and take an enormous Texas-sized pride in what they do (which is crafting Texas’ and America’s most popular light lager.)

The brewery process is not a simple process and there’s real work happening behind the scenes to make a single bottle of Bud Light. The employees do countless checks and cross checks over 20+ days to perfect the crisp, clean, refreshing beer Texans love.

Another important fact is that the recipe for Bud Light hasn’t changed in over 35 years. Bud Light puts the best and finest ingredients, from the rice to the malt, making sure that only the finest gets through. At any time, brewers for Bud Light take it upon themselves to make sure that you’re drinking the best Bud Light that you possibly can drink. In fact, these Texan brewers take pride in the detailed process and recipe that is Bud Light since there’s a lot of love, soul, and care that goes into every single brew that’s made.

Who are these brewers? Get to know them more:

  • Braulio: From Houston and participates in one of the largest rodeos in the world
  • Julius: Served two tours in Afghanistan
  • Kevin: Hunter and fisher
  • Hannah: Third generation Texan form Austin
  • Gloria: Originally from El Salvador but loves Texas. It’s her home now.

The brewery employees have always said that working at the brewery is like having a second family. There’s married couples, brothers, cousins, fathers and sons, working at the brewery. Many people started on the night shifts and have worked their way up, building lifelong friendships along the way.

So in summary, Bud Light is proudly brewed in Houston with Texas pride.  It’s made in Texas, by hard workin’ Texans, for Texans.

AB Brewery Facts:

  1. Anheuser-Busch Houston brews beer for not only Texas, but also other states in the United States and other parts of the world, but every batch of Bud Light is made with a dose of Texas Pride.
  2. Anheuser-Busch is part of the fabric of the Houston community and plans to be far in to the future, which is they’re boosting their commitment to the local Houston community by investing nearly $9 million at the Houston Brewery.
  3. Part of this investment will help expand aluminum bottle production and water efficiency projects. This is a vote of confidence in all people in Texas and to the future of the Houston Brewery. AB is proud to support the local economy, jobs and growth.
  4. Legal caveat: 85% of all Bud Light consumed in Texas is brewed in Houston.

Watch the Texans behind the beer here.

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