Visit the Center of It All

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When you finally get the chance to express your freedom of adventure and want to plan the ultimate getaway, there is one place that’s at the center of it all. Grounded in a tight-knit community and perfectly centered in the buzz of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, Addison offers the chance to celebrate your triumphs, both big and small. Whether you want to take part in one of the most popular events in the country or just want to dive into a rich culinary scene like never before, you can find everything and more with

The Small Town That Lives Big

Roaming around the 4.4 square miles of Addison, you’ll find our town has what it takes to satisfy your appetite for travel: an assortment of eateries to try, cultural and historical nooks to explore, and quintessential locales to pause and take it all in. Once you’ve had your fill of the best food and inspiring adventures, choose from one of Addison’s 23 hotels as your well-deserved sanctuary at the end of the day. With Addison at the center of it all, why go anywhere else?

Have a taste of everything.

With over 180 restaurants, you can explore any food culture you wish in Addison. Our culinary scene reaches every corner of the earth, from a traditional Italian Bakery to authentic Hakata ramen. Whatever your craving, our plethora of restaurants has just what you need. There is even a selection of great pizza to choose from, including the deep-dish pies at Taste of Chicago and the slices at New York native, Lee Hunzinger’s pizza place, Zoli’s NY Pizza. Our town is truly a melting pot of delectable eateries and the perfect place for revolutionary foodies and traditionalists alike. Make your experience in Addison all the more memorable by reserving your fine dining table at Chamberlain’s Steak and Chop House, voted as one of the top new restaurants by Bon Appetit when it opened.

Additionally, Addison is teeming with one-of-a-kind restaurants, waiting to be sampled. For those that can’t resist down-home, comfort food but still want to try Addison’s take on southern cooking, we suggest Ida Claire, our spunky southern belle of brunch and supper. Every restaurant’s menu is crafted differently, and that goes for the drinks selection as well. Addison is home to an award-winning brewery that makes for the perfect pit stop during your trip into town. At Bitter Sisters Brewing Company, where the “sisters are bitter and the beer isn’t,” their malt-focused beers are guaranteed to hit the spot whether you’re visiting in the heat of summer or the chill of winter.

Addison Circle Park is grounds for letting loose.

It’s difficult to imagine what all you could fit into 4.4 square miles in addition to 180+ restaurants and 23 hotels, but Addison has much more to be discovered. Our town has hidden gems around every curve of our streets, so it’s easy to stumble upon any of our 15 parks, which hold intricate fountains and artwork along with much-needed nature escapes. See if you can spot each of our 15 art pieces during your travels. Our own Addison Circle Park brings you back to the center and provides a space for just about any activity from cooling off in the water garden to quietly taking in Addison’s unique architecture. Plan your trip around one of our special events and experience a completely different side to the largest park in town. You’ll see there is nothing quite like the celebrations at Addison Circle Park.

Witness an award-winning theatre company.

One of the country’s most architecturally unique performance venues lies right in the heart of Addison. The Addison Conference & Theatre Centre was thoughtfully designed by Gary Cunningham in the late 1900s, and today, it provides a space to showcase the talent of our accredited theatre community. Based in Addison, WaterTower Theatre leads Texas in innovative, professional, and impactful performing arts. If you’re here for business, leisure, or just family fun, the Addison experience wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the enchanting world of our theatre community.

The Good Time You’ve Been Craving

Addison Oktoberfest: September 17th – 20th, 2020

If there is anything that Addison is known for, it’s our monumental events. When you can’t make it to Munich this year, head to Addison for the next best thing in Bavarian celebrations. Addison Oktoberfest provides the bratwurst, the bier, and the best marktplatz this side of Texas, and all you need to do is put on your best lederhosen for an authentic recreation of the Munich Oktoberfest with a Texas twist.

Addison Oktoberfest is probably the greatest marathon party in the country with almost 30 hours of continuous family-fun entertainment, including a wiener dog race for the ages and bar maid competitions that will transport you to a German brauhaus. For those coming over to party with us because you can’t go to Munich, we’ll actually take you there too with an exclusive Munich trip giveaway! They say everything is bigger in Texas? Well, the party is even bigger in Addison. Besides, if you’re going to put on an Oktoberfest event, you have to do it right. Visit Addison this September and each one after that for the celebration of a lifetime.

Adventure in 4.4 Square Miles & Beyond

Addison isn’t just a town with an incredible array of restaurants, locally curated art, and playful parks; it’s the center of the DFW Metroplex, which means our community is only a piece of a much greater, and altogether wonderful, slice of Texas life. Addison may be the destination, but endless discoveries await you around all of Dallas-Fort Worth.

Even shopping is bigger in Texas.

Walking into Galleria Dallas, you’ll discover the pinnacle of shopping is right in Addison’s neighborhood. Shop in any of its 200 stores or witness the architectural splendor, modeled after one of the oldest malls in the shopping capital of the world, Milan. With classics like Tiffany & Co. and fashion forward stores like Marciano, Galleria Dallas has a myriad of upscale shopping and dining that complements the larger-than-life experiences you can find in Addison.

From the essentials to standout Addison locales and everything in between, Addison shopping has it all, whether you know what you want or would rather be inspired. Village on the Parkway is just one place where you can sift through some of the best of Addison’s establishments. It’s not all trinkets and baubles, though. Head to Addison Improv or Pete’s Dueling Piano Bar to see our lively culture rekindle at night, because even small towns live big in Dallas-Fort Worth.

Come fly with us.

When you need to make a quick getaway to Addison, you can land just down the road. Because of our town’s premium location at the heart of DFW, the Dallas Love Field and Dallas/Fort Worth International airports are a short drive away. If you plan to travel in style, Addison Airport is the most convenient executive airport around and is also home to tour agency Epic Helicopters, so you can get the full view of everything Dallas-Fort Worth has to offer.

Near the Addison Airport is the Cavanaugh Flight Museum, which brings the history of aviation to life in its showrooms and during one of the biggest Independence Day celebrations in the country. Addison Kaboom Town!® is a sparkling expression of what makes our country great and, in partnership with the Cavanaugh Flight Museum, gives attendees an award-winning air show, featuring historic and vintage aircraft. It’s a sight that can’t be missed, so from of all of us in Addison, it’s time you come fly with us.

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