Your Children Deserve the Best Care

There are 206 bones in the human body, but only one organization treats them all with unmatched expertise. Scottish Rite for Children is dedicated to providing world-class pediatric orthopedic, sports medicine and fracture care.
As a leading institution, Scottish Rite for Children’s doctors and researchers write the textbooks, teach the procedures, and pioneer remarkable advances in research and development that set the standard in pediatric orthopedics. For nearly a century, they have paved the way for patient care and innovation in Texas and around the globe.

Patient -Centered Care 

Scottish Rite specializes in healing kids’ muscles, joints and bones, with expertise in a range of conditions from common to complex.
“Orthopedic treatment can have long-term effects in children and adolescents as their bodies continue to grow,” explains Chief of Staff Daniel J. Sucato, M.D., M.S. “Unlike adults, children’s bodies are still maturing, so it’s important for kids to receive expert care that’s tailored to their continued development.”
The organization has a long history of caring for the whole child – mind, body and spirit – meaning every clinical and non-clinical staff member goes above and beyond to help patients live their life to the fullest.
From getting young athletes back in the game after sports-related injuries to creating prosthetic devices to help young dancers take the stage, their care teams seemingly know no boundaries.
“Our kids are incredible,” said Robert L. Walker, president and CEO of Scottish Rite for Children. “They’re at the heart of everything we do, and it brings us so much joy to see them realize their dreams.”

Close to Home – Or From Your Home 

Scottish Rite cares for children and young athletes at three convenient locations in Dallas and Frisco. You don’t need a physician referral to request an appointment.
Some services, like their fracture clinic in Frisco, offer walk-in hours or same-day appointments.
And they’re continuing to make that care even more accessible to patients as the health care industry evolves.
“Our longstanding commitment to providing the very best care for our patients is more important now than ever before,” Walker said. “During this time, we’ve continued looking for even more ways to provide our patient families with access to quality, safe and convenient treatment options.”
Earlier this year, Scottish Rite launched telemedicine capabilities for several of its clinics, including orthopedics, sports medicine, physical and occupational therapy, dyslexia, psychology, rheumatology and more.
The visits are private and secure – all that’s needed is internet access through a desktop, tablet or mobile device.
Parents don’t need to worry about sitting in traffic or a hospital waiting room, and they can continue with work or caring for siblings while patients get treatment from the world’s best doctors.
“Not only is telemedicine convenient for busy parents, but it also gives our team a better understanding of a child’s home setup,” said Sucato. “It’s a more relaxed environment for the child. We can see how they move about their daily space and provide suggestions to make things easier at home.”

Regardless of Ability to Pay

These days, there seems to be more questions than answers about health care. But since its founding in 1921, Scottish Rite for Children has never let payment be a barrier to world-class care.
Scottish Rite accepts a wide variety of private and public health insurance plans. Additionally, the institution offers a financial assistance program called Crayon Care, for families who qualify.

In Their Own Words 

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